The G400C–Genuinely Fun



Every now and then, you just need to bring a little color into your wardrobe to brighten things up. Particularly for this moto-gal, whose palette tends towards the stereotypical biker-black and all of it’s variations—anthracite, soot, dirt-grey—something new and shiny and red can make the pulse quicken. When David Jansen, owner of Combustion Cycles in Durham NC, arrived at my home near Saxapahaw with a loaner bike to try out, I have to admit that my heart did a little flip-flop upon first seeing the cherry red and chrome motorcycle emerge from his van. Reminiscent of an old Royal Enfield or Bonneville belonging to the cool uncle one might wish they had growing up, the 400cc naked bike looked smart and perky sitting in my garage next to my dusty, drab (but much beloved) ’07 R1200R. 




Upon inspection, I had to admire the amount of retro detailing Genuine Scooters has invested in this affordable bike. From the dual, analog tachometer and odometer displays to the fuel injection, this bike has a lot of features for a bike that you can ride off the dealership floor for substantially less than $5000. There’s even a kick-start as well as an electric start, highlighting the way this bike straddles the old and the new, bringing a vintage aesthetic while not sacrificing the comfort and convenience of current technology. 




 With only 26hp and a top speed of 80 or so mph (which I did achieve—please don’t tell the nice officers in Alamance County) this bike might not be the fastest bike in the pack, but she runs strong and sure and leaned nicely into the curves on Old Liberty Road. She did an equally good job flying down a 1-mile dirt section I impulsively decided to take as a little detour as I looped back home.




Genuine Scooters has been designing and manufacturing scooters for 15 years, and I’m glad to see them branching out into motorcycles. If the G400C is any indication, I think they have a bright (and shiny) future in the market. They have enough confidence in their products that they offer a 2-year warranty and roadside assistance program for all of their vehicles. That, along with the affordable price tag and estimated 70+ mpg fuel consumption makes me think this bike will appeal to riders just getting into the sport and folks wanting something not-so-big and with an old-school feel.




A perfect bike for a new rider, and a great vehicle to have in the garage to tool around town or take out for a ride in the countryside. Like a cute and sexy pair of patent leather red kicks, this bike is a head turner and a genuinely fun ride.





MSRP                         $4,599

Valves                         4 per cylinder

Torque                        22 lbft

Seat Height                 31″

Colors                          Black, Green, Red

Top Speed                   80+ mph

Warranty                     2-year/24,000miles

Displacement              397 cc

Horsepower                26 HP

Wheel Size                   F/R 19″/18″

Fuel Capacity               3.4 Gal

MPG                               70+ mpg

Weight                           353 lbs



4 thoughts on “The G400C–Genuinely Fun

  1. Nice write-up! I like your style. The piece read as if you were speaking to me. Informative yet conversational. All the facts/details without getting off in the weeds or over- or under- selling the package. You can do this!

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